WarnerMedia Lobby Experience
Created at Rare Volume
Role: Creative Direction, Design

Generative media experience for WarnerMedia’s New York headquarters in Hudson Yards. Upon entering the main lobby, visitors are greeted by an inspiring sizzle of WarnerMedia content across 5 large wraparound displays. We designed a generative visual system that unifies disparate content types and aesthetics under a shared visual language.
Rare Volume’s custom-developed software analyzes video media to identify dominant hues and dynamically composites them into the generative particle system, creating a seamless, integrated visual experience across media of any visual style from live action to animation.

The playback software allows to-the-second scheduling of numerous content modes, while an intelligent scheduling algorithm automatically arranges content. All lobby content is rendered on-demand, so curation requires minimal effort from staff and can be done through the web-hosted content management system.
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