Samsung 837 Media Showcase
Created at Rare Volume
Role: Creative Direction, Design

Located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, Samsung 837 is a brand showcase of immersive installations and Samsung product experiences that combine art and technology, featuring a three-story video wall at its center. Rare Volume led concept, design, and production on three installations that visualize New York City data interwoven with Samsung brand and product narratives.​​​​​​​
Tech NYC
Using 3D map data illustrated with a blueprint aesthetic, this film highlights the many technological innovations developed in New York City over its unique history.​​​​​​​
Taxi, Taxi!
This visualization of New York City yellow cab routes is designed to run in realtime, and is generated from NYC Open Data of actual taxi pickups and dropoffs times and locations, plotted against street routes the custom-developed software calculates as the most likely.
Material 837
A series of animated sculptures inspired by the innovative materials, textures, and technologies used in the manufacturing of Samsung devices and products.
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